{moving on}

I sent my husband the link to my new blog.  He came home and said, “So why did you decide to start a new blog?” I have no idea. lol Okay, well I kind of have an idea, but not sure why the need or want to start a new blog or continue blogging. I started my first blog, CrossFit, Family and Life In Between, at least regularly started posting on it, three days after I was diagnosed with breast cancer the first time.  It was my therapy. It was my way to take the ick of cancer and do something good with it, journalize and maybe help another woman by what I was going through.  It did.  I met women and made friends through my blog that found comfort in it.  That was the “In Between”.  I wrote about random family things that I was able to put words to, my mom, my kids smiles, and kid’s activities.  That was the “Family”. I wrote about CrossFit, personal accomplishments and the positive it brought into my life.  That, obviously, was the CrossFit.

So why not just continue posting to my first blog? Well, I have been spending much of 2016 trying to move on, move past the things that crushed me and my soul last year and some of the fall out from that crushing.  There are the things that crushed me…chemo, losing my hair, radiation, and losing my love of fitness.  I was not myself, I was sad, angry, broken, and wanted to be left alone.  Then there’s the fallout…some people stuck with me while I tried to find my way back, others didn’t or couldn’t, they took my pain and grief personally. Through this I lost some friends and I lost my CrossFit gym. What does this have to do with starting a new blog? Well, my first blog was mostly the “Life in Between”, which included my cancer ick x2, and the “CrossFit”, which was a 7+ year run of CrossFit at a gym that ended poorly and with a broken heart.  Two out of three negatives.  So, I’m moving on and I don’t want cancer or memories of my old CrossFit (except of my friends from those 7+ years, they are coming with me!) as part of my moving on so I’m starting afresh.

What am I going to write about? Well it’s my blog so I guess what ever I want! 🙂 I’m guessing it will mostly be my outdoor adventures and random family stuff.  I found a love of hiking, backpacking and being outdoors this year and I’m using the solitude and beauty of it to keep a chaotic soul at ease.  I also have a border collie puppy that needs all the outside activity she can get! She’s good company and good for my soul, too.  Oh, and she alerts me when there is something not good on the trail ahead! So, I’m moving forward and climbing mountains, literally and figuratively.  I promise to post pics along the way!

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” ~John Muir